mercredi 7 mars 2012

"A Monster In Paris" Pre-production teaser 2d crowd animation.

A special teaser made in  2006 for the Cannes festival film market offers a oportunity to test 2d/3d
mixes in the backgrounds, including 2d painted crowds . The more we had distance between backgrounds and the main characters , the more we choose to use a painted aspect.
 This choice was expensive, from a budget point of view and the final movie offers a more "classic" all CG environnement with matte paintings in the distance.
I designed the environement and crowds and animated 2d characters in After Effects.

The 2d  animated cycles :

6 commentaires:

  1. Grace a se teaser j'ai pu aussi aprecier ton talent au yukulele sur une autre video utube.Un grand bravo Francois!!!!!

  2. This is SOOOOO much great.. i loved this animation? how was it done?
    so much win!!! congratulations for the concept!.. just love it!

  3. @Patrick
    Walk cycles was done on After Effects,
    paper puppet animation style.

  4. I really really appreciate you work. Please do give me an opportunity to train and work with you. Link to some of my work:

  5. wow is beautiful i like it. thanks for sharing this and keep posting
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